Small Business Networking Symposium

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 | 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Florida Dept. Of Transportation (FDOT) District 7 Headquarters: 11201 N. McKinley Dr., Tampa

The networking symposium is for Disadvantaged and Small Business Enterprises (DBEs and SBEs), Subcontractors, and Prospective Businesses to gain information on how to do business with FDOT, and how to become DBE-certified, all while networking with peers and FDOT’s Prime Contractors. The event has a football theme so all attendees are encouraged to wear their favorite team’s apparel.

Who should attend?

  • All Business Owners Seeking to Do Business with FDOT
  • DBEs, SBEs and W/MBEs
  • Presidents and CEOs
  • Prime Contractor
  • Project Managers and Estimators
  • New Business Owners
  • Individuals seeking to start a new business

Event Features

  • An Interactive Business Casual Football Theme. Wear Your Team’s Apparel!
  • Powerful and Informative Workshops with Business and Industry Leaders.
  • 1-on-1 Networking with Prime Contractors (Project Managers & Engineers).
  • Learn How To Do Business with FDOT & Prime Contractors.
  • Receive Information Regarding Current and Future Projects.
  • Workshops on Financing and business Resources, Estimating and bidding, Bonding, and How to Become DBE Certified

Event Photos


7:30 aM-8:00 aM

Small Business Welcome Meet and Greet

Expand your horizons and take your business to the next level. Interact with industry peers, gain insights, and hear success stories.

8:00 aM-8:30 aM

Opening Remarks from FDOT Leadership

Hear from FDOT’s Statewide and District Seven Leaders such as David Gwynn, District Secretary, Francis Lewis, Director of Transportation Operations, District 7, and Terry Watson, State DBE Program Coordinator.

8:30 aM-9:15 aM

How To Do Business with FDOT

The procurement department aims to promote efficiency, economy, and fair and open competition. FDOT does this by providing uniform rules and procedures that address the process by which commodities and contractual services are procured.

9:15 aM-10:00 aM

Financing & Business Services

Are you looking for funding to grow your business and/or finance a project? This workshop will discuss various lending options for small business owners. The session will also include information regarding business resources for small businesses that at provided by the Entrepreneur Collaborative Center.

10:00 aM-10:30 aM

How to Become DBE Certified

Small businesses will learn how to become certified as a DBE with FDOT. As well as gain an understanding of how to access procurement and contracting opportunities.

10:00 aM-10:30 aM

An Introduction to Bonding

The workshop will cover the significant aspects of construction bonding, insurance, and surety bond assistance.

10:30 aM-11:00 aM

Bidding & Estimating

A general review of estimating and bidding is the focus of this session. The session will also include a live bid day simulation exercise.

10:30 aM-11:00 aM

An Introduction to Bonding

The workshop will cover the significant aspects of construction bonding, insurance, and surety bond assistance.

11:00 aM-12:00 PM

FDOT presentation of current and future projects

12:00 PM-1:00 PM

Networking Lunch
Tailgate Style with food Trucks

1:00 PM-2:00 PM

FDOT prime contractors, subcontractors (DBE & SBE) and small businesses networking