Engineering and Design Careers

Job Opportunities within the Typical
Transportation Project

Entry-level engineer that has passed the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam and is working towards full PE licensure.

Gaining practical experience and training under a licensed PE to contribute to the design and implementation of transportation projects.

Non-PE that provides technical expertise and support for the various engineering disciplines.

Non-PE that creates precise and detailed computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) plans to assist in the development of transportation projects.

Strategic thinker that develops long-term transportation plans to accommodate growth while meeting the needs of the local community. Planners can be generalists or focus on specific areas such as: urban design, environment, resiliency, multimodal, and many more.

Communication specialist that engages with communities to gather input on transportation projects using a variety of traditional and non-traditional techniques

Digital artist that creating visually impactful graphics and visualizations to effectively communicate transportation concepts and information to diverse audiences.

Technician that utilizes GIS software to present and analyze spatial data in a mapping format.

Licensed drone pilot that uses drones to capture aerial data and imagery for mapping, surveying, and monitoring transportation infrastructure projects.

Digital artist that produces compelling video content to showcase and document transportation projects.

Biologist that reviews transportation projects to help mitigate environmental impacts, ensuring ecological sustainability, and obtain environmental permits.

Architectural historians review transportation projects to identify, preserve, and mitigate impacts to properties with historic significance. Archaeologists review transportation projects to identify, preserve, and mitigate impacts to properties with archaeologically significance.

Noise specialists assess the anticipated traffic noise levels and air quality impacts of transportation projects and recommend abatement measures.

A multi-person crew that utilizes advanced equipment and techniques to accurately map and measure terrain and property boundaries. Crew members range from entry-level to Professional Land Surveyor (PLS).

Real Estate Specialists navigate legal considerations to appraiser and acquire properties needed for transportation projects and assist with relocation of residents and business owners.

Project managers, engineers, and inspectors that oversee construction activities and ensure compliance with project plans, specifications, and regulations for transportation projects.

Team of geo specialist that assess soil and foundation conditions to ensuring safe and stable transportation infrastructure development.

Staff that work in the traffic management center monitor the transportation network for incidents and issues

Staff that perform a variety of skilled and non-skilled maintenance tasks to ensure the operational efficiency and safety of transportation systems and equipment including fleet maintenance, landscaping, painting, and other infrastructure repairs.

Staff that provide vital administrative support to ensure the smooth functioning of transportation operations and projects. There are administrative positions in all disciplines of this industry.

Technical professionals that lead and coordinate multidisciplinary teams to successfully plan, execute, and deliver transportation projects on time and within budget. There are project management positions in all disciplines of this industry.

Intermediate (5-10 years). All of the Entry Level categories have next-level opportunities.

Licensed PE that is responsible for signing and sealing a set of transportation plans.

PE that designs safe and efficient roadways, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and transitways.

PE that designs drainage systems to ensure transportation facilities maintain integrity while optimizing stormwater management and resiliency

PE that designs bridges, culverts, and other structural solutions to support safe and durable transportation infrastructure.

PE that designs signs, markings, signals, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) that managing and optimizing traffic flow.

Licensed Architects that design innovative and functional features that integrate aesthetics, user experience, and practicality into transportation projects.

Licensed Landscape Architects integrate natural elements and sustainable design principles to enhance the visual appeal and environmental harmony of transportation projects.

Senior (10-20 years)

All of the Entry Level and Intermediate categories have Senior Level opportunities.

Advanced (20+ years)

All of the Senior Level categories have Chief and Technical Leadership Opportunities, such as: Project Director, Program Manager, Group Leader, National Advisor, Vice President

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