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Buckle up as we look into the future of construction careers which includes roles such as architects, designers, engineers, technicians, and a workforce of individuals with diverse skills and ambitions. The roads and bridges that connect our communities and create economic growth will be planned, designed, and built with a combination of traditional and cutting-edge technologies. From 3D printing of bridges to the use of drones for surveying and monitoring, technology will be used to increase precision, speed up construction, and reduce costs.

Virtual Lab

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The Virtual Reality (VR) Lab features advanced technologies.

Job Opportunities within the Typical
Transportation Project

Digital Skills

Creating 3D models, exploring virtual reality (VR), and using augmented reality (AR) all rely on digital skills. As the use of technology the construction industry grows, being comfortable with digital tools, software, and new technologies will become vital. These skills include not only using computer programs and managing information networks but also expressing ideas and concepts digitally and physically.

Drone Operators

Augmented Reality can be used through goggles to share 3D images and videos with team members who aren’t on-site with great details,  train workers on how to use equipment or heavy machinery as well as deliver safety warnings and data such as temperature, pressure, and other data points when requested, so workers can better identify problems.

Robots on job sites

Machine-controlled equipment with human involvement has been used in construction for a few years. The technology has been expanded to include non-human (autonomous) robots to perform many redundant tasks which increases productivity.

Autonomous robots can perform tasks and operate without human control or intervention. For example, a track loader can now drive itself around a construction site to do cutting and filling tasks.

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